Zebra Training

Zebras need to be trained the way horses should be trained. The element you need to train a zebra will make you a great horse trainer, as well as a great zebra trainer. We start with basic ground work, and work up to finishing the horse/zebra. We have many options for people who want to learn to train zebras, and horses, if you can train a zebra, you can train any horse.


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The Zebra Story

Brittany has had a love for zebras since she was a child. After joining Joe’s apprenticeship at A Perfect Horse Ranch, they went to give a lesson at a barn where there was a zebra. The people who owned the zebra said that they can’t be trained and are very dangerous - which Joe & Brittany immediately took to be a challenge. Brittany and Joe started talking about getting a zebra, and not long after that conversation, they headed to San Antonio, Texas to pick up two zebra foals, Sandia and Bullet. Only a year and a half later, they are scheduled to appear at with the zebras at the Equine Affaire in Ohio. So can they be trained? YES THEY CAN!

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Trainer Certification Program, 2-Weeks

at A Perfect Horse Ranch

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Cost $1,500


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Joe Mangravito Planning Another Training Clinic

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