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“A Perfect Horse”
Through Gentle Persuasion

Horsemanship Training Using
The John Lyons Method
of Conditioned Response Training

By Trainers: Joe Mangravito and Brittany Beaupied

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Building a Perfect World for Horses
- One Person at a Time

Specializing in Gypsy Vanners and Zebras

Joe Mangravito is certified in the John Lyons Method of Conditioned Response Horse Training. Joe and his trainers will train your horse and you! By applying the theory and practice of gentle persuasion horsemanship you can learn to recognize, handle and change unwanted behavior so you can feel and be safe on and around your horse in any situation. You can learn to prepare your horse for pleasure or performance in any riding style and at all levels.

Available training includes: Individual sessions, clinics and symposiums and send your horse to us for a month-long program.

Any horse or zebra, any problem!
Starting unbroke horses | Trailer loading | Spooking | Kicking | Biting | Rearing | Stiff neck | Head shy | Giving to the bit | Bucking | Running away | Not standing still while tacking up or mounting | Ride your horse with a halter and lead rope

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Clinics & Symposiums
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Joe Mangravito Uses a Light Touch on Horses and Zebras
Town-Crier Online
by Ellen Rosenberg


Zebra Training
We can train your zebra! Contact us to learn more about our zebra training options.

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Horse Training

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Month Long Program

Rates & Training Programs

Clinics & Symposiums

Learn to Train Horses
Using the John Lyons method
of conditioned response training with
Joe Mangravito
of A Perfect Horse

Clinics & Symposiums

"Joe is an amazing horse trainer! In 2011 Joe began donating his services to the South Florida SPCA. Joe trains our horses and more importantly, he teaches the volunteers how to train the horses, giving them the best possible chance at being adopted and having a second chance. Each horse that Joe trains transforms from a fearful, untrusting being into a beautiful and confident horse ready to reach its full potential. His generosity, knowledge, experience, confidence and compassion have been a positive influence on everyone at the organization which has greatly improved the welfare of the horses in our care. We are so fortunate to have found him.
If you love your horse, you need Joe in your life too!"

Shelley Patterson
Volunteer and Volunteer Director
of the South Florida SPCA

"The course is a must, for people wanting to train horses safely. Its helps build a strong foundation for both the trainer and the horse. I took away a lot of useful information from this course. More importantly I learned what my weaknesses are, and how to work through them.

Joe and Brittany, with their patience and motivation showed me how to work smart, not hard. Joe has revised methods used by other great trainers, to safely achieve results faster. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to work with horses.

- Robert Vegas
Cert Class Graduate 2014



A Perfect Horse Ranch - 14715 Stirling Road, Southwest Ranches, Florida  33330
954.599.7272  |  aperfecthorse@aol.com