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Horsemanship, Horses and Zebra Training Using The John Lyons Method of Conditioned Response Training

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Any Horse, Any Zebra, Any Problem

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Event Schedule



We are Joe Mangravito and Brittany Beaupied. We are certified in the John Lyons Method of Conditioned Response Horse Training. We will train your horse, your zebra, and you! By applying the theory and practice of gentle persuasion horsemanship you can learn to recognize, handle and change unwanted behavior so you can feel and be safe on and/or around your horse or zebra in any situation. You can learn to prepare for pleasure or performance in any riding style and at all levels.


Available training includes: Training for horses, zebras or any equine, individual sessions for all levels and disciplines, train the trainer and trainer certification classes, month-long send your horse or zebra to us, clinics and symposiums.


Learn to Address Any Problem!

Starting unbroke horses | Trailer loading | Spooking | Kicking | Biting | Rearing | Stiff neck | Head shy | Giving to the bit | Bucking | Running away | Not standing still while tacking up or mounting | Ride your horse with a halter and lead rope


Zebras! We apply our gentle way of training horses to training zebras. Our two stars - Sandia and Bullet - are trained to give kisses, lie down, wave and smile on cue on and more! They will appear at Equine Affaire 2016 in Ohio.



Horsemanship, Horses and Zebra Trainings and Events

To reserve a spot in one of our events or to schedule an event at your barn contact

Joe Mangravito | 954.599.7272 | joe@aperfecthorse.com


**Bring a Friend - Special Offer **

For all remaining 2016 trainings, pay 1 registration and bring a friend for FREE!

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