Here's what people are saying about Joe Mangravito and Brittany Beaupied of A Perfect Horse Ranch.

"I participated in a 2-day clinic at A Perfect Horse Ranch with my young gelding so that I could feel that I could safely trail ride with him and continue his training. I brought two friends — one who had finally achieved her dream of owning a horse but was afraid to ride, and one who is an accomplished rider but who’s horse was bucking and being aggressive. Three very different people with three very different problems and goals. Remarkably, each one of us had huge success in just two short days. Joe Mangravito is gifted with people as well as horses. He has a way of explaining that makes it easy to learn. Brittany Beaupied is a highly skilled and talented trainer and rider who is likely to become a superstar in the industry. We all enjoyed our time so much that the weekend flew by but we achieved milestones that we had thought were out of reach. No question that it was time and money very very well spent. By the way, I’m in my 50’s, so don’t say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks! This clinic was valuable for any age and level of equine enthusiast."


Amy Beller
January 2018

"Very knowledgeable trainers! Did miracles with my guy in just two days at their clinic. I just can’t believe the progress! Horse wouldn't canter when asked to canter to the left. Would not lunge to the left and would turn his butt and back up kicking towards you. Now he does what ever I ask of him! Nice to know there are people around that know horsemanship training! Definitely the best and most rewarding training!"


Brittany Giudice

January 2018

"Joe is an amazing horse trainer! In 2011 Joe began donating his services to the South Florida SPCA. Joe trains our horses and more importantly, he teaches the volunteers how to train the horses, giving them the best possible chance at being adopted and having a second chance. Each horse that Joe trains transforms from a fearful, untrusting being into a beautiful and confident horse ready to reach its full potential. His generosity, knowledge, experience, confidence and compassion have been a positive influence on everyone at the organization which has greatly improved the welfare of the horses in our care. We are so fortunate to have found him. If you love your horse, you need Joe in your life too!"

Shelley L. Patterson

Previous Volunteer and Volunteer Director of the South Florida SPCA


"The [trainer certification] course is a must, for people wanting to train horses safely. Its helps build a strong foundation for both the trainer and the horse. I took away a lot of useful information from this course. More importantly I learned what my weaknesses are, and how to work through them. Joe and Brittany, with their patience and motivation showed me how to work smart, not hard. Joe has revised methods used by other great trainers, to safely achieve results faster. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to work with horses."

Robert Vegas

Certification Class Graduate 2014

"Enrolling in Joe's intensive certification program is perhaps the best decision I have made in my entire life. Not only have I learned all the skills necessary to become a successful horse trainer, I'm also finding that I can apply the theories taught to all areas of my life. The class is fascinating, hilarious, exhausting and maddening all at the same time and Joe is undoubtedly the most enigmatic character in horse training today. If you have any doubts about taking the certification class, toss them aside. The skills you will learn are invaluable and worth infinitely more than the cost of tuition. Happy Trails..."


Annette Winter
Graduate 2004


"Before I met Joe, I thought I would have to put my horse down. He was so wild and uncontrollable that every one said he needs to be destroyed. I was so frustrated and upset that I couldn't find anyone to help him, and felt so terribly lost. But after working with Joe, my horse is my best friend now. He is truly like a different horse, it's as if his whole personality has changed. Where before he was wild and dangerous, he is now wonderful company. It's as if Joe somehow disciplined him, but managed to let him keep his spirit. I ride him almost every day, and I thank Joe every time I get on him. Words cannot express how I feel. Bless you!"


Sandra Bucusa
Costa Rica


"To Joe; Thank you for your time and patients with Luna, here in Costa Rica. With much appreciation I write to you because you kindly took the time to help me with my situation. I am riding her all the time mostly trail rides and I am enjoying her immensely. She is wonderful and has brought me much joy, especially during difficult times. I look forward to meeting with you again in the future thank you again for everything."


Diana Holder
National Ass. of Protection of Animals
San Jose, Costa Rica


"I own a 3 year old registered Appaloosa Mare, Gem. When it came time to "start" her, I wanted a trainer who knew how to communicate effectively with horses in their language, who could teach Gem using gentle "horse whisperer" methodologies, and who could teach me these things so that I could improve my horsemanship skills and be a better partner to Gem. I found that trainer and more when I met Joe in the fall of 2001 at a horse clinic where I was first introduced to the John Lyons method of conditioned response training.


Joe is an extraordinarily gifted trainer and teacher with the proven ability to bring out the best in the horses and people he serves. Highly skilled in the John Lyons methodologies with uncanny instincts, he consistently gets the results you want in significantly short time frames. I know because Gem and I work very closely with him, and the outcomes have been remarkable. Under Joe's guidance, Gem has transformed from a skittish prone filly into a young, well-mannered horse that is now not only safe, but also a joy for me to ride. 


Everything Joe does comes from his big heart. He genuinely cares for his clients and their horses. He often goes out of his way to help whenever there is a need, big or little. For example, when Gem had developed a case of thrush, Joe would stop by frequently to check on her on days when I was working late and clean her feet, if need be. I didn't ask him to do this, and he never once asked for payment. He was just concerned, and wanted to help. That generous caring quality brings a special dimension to his services, which is rare.


In short, Gem and I are truly blessed to have the opportunity to work with Joe, and I am proud to call him my horse mentor and friend."


Linda Jansson
Hollywood, FL


"Joe, you have changed my life. Before your instruction, I never knew how to work with my horse. It was so frustrating, but you have taught me how to understand horses. You have shown me the way and I am now working with others and sharing the knowledge you have given me. Let me know when you will be back in Costa Rica. I would love to attend another clinic, and I want to bring two friends so they can experience your teaching directly. Your student and grateful friend."


Armina Yosifova


"Some people have achieved high levels of excellence at certain tasks, but that doesn't mean they have the ability to relay the information and teach it to others. Joe not only has mastered his craft, but he is a master at instructing. He has taught me things I never thought possible in remarkably quick time."


Stu Rosenstein
Marlboro, NJ


"It's often been said that there are two kinds of teachers: the kind that serve themselves, and the kind that serve their art. Joe Mangravito is an all too rare example of the latter category, and it has been my privilege to have studied under his tutelage for over thirty years. What makes him a truly great teacher is not the amount of knowledge that he has passed on to me, which has been encyclopedic, but rather something much deeper. By inspiring me to be the best person that I can be, he has helped to give me a sense of self, a sense of dignity, and a sense of pride that I have never realized in any other aspect of my life. In his teachings, he has conveyed something much more important than mere information. He has taught me to be an honorable man. Having him as my teacher is the greatest honor of my life, and I only hope that in my teaching I can earn the right to even walk in his shadow. He has achieved a teacher's greatest possible accomplishment: he has made his students better people, and the world is a better place for it."


Steve Rosenstein
Freehold, NJ


"I have been an owner and trainer of dogs for over 10 years. Dogs that I have trained have competed in top level sports and have worked as Police Service dogs. So I can appreciate the skills and personality required to train animals. I have known Joe Mangravito for 9 years. Few people can match his knowledge of training theory and the learning process. His love of animals and people skills can only be matched by his determination to be the best at everything he does."


Vince Panuccio
Brooklyn, NY


"To Joe Mangravito: Your teachings has had a tremendous impact on my life. You've taught by example and with extreme fervor. I am now teaching as well, hoping to mimic your manners, using body and facial gestures to further motivate my students. Thanks again for your passion. I can only hope to impact as many people as you have."


Donny Sheinwald
Freehold, NJ


:In my opinion, what distinguishes Joe from all the other teachers I've had is the ability to see our mistakes and at the same time communicate them to us in a way that allows us to learn from them, correct ourselves, and move forward. He seems to understand what most teachers don't, that their students are individuals, and tailors his method of teaching so that each individual receives the instruction that is most effective for them. It's this specific attention that makes his communication so effective and resonant. Of all the teachers I've had in my life, no one has shown me that he has cared more about my education than Joe has, and no one has had more of a lasting effect."


Sid Abrans
Long Island, NY


"If you have forgotten me from the clinic three weeks ago. I doubt you have forgotten my horse Misty so soon.  We attended the five day clinic at the end of January at the Perfect Horse Ranch.  Misty started off on the first day by refusing to get on the trailer so we could even get to the clinic  Although she had had trailer loading training in the past.  Getting her on the trailer was always a hassle.  Misty went on the trailer if she felt like it and did not get on the trailer if she didn't.  Please don't take it personal that she did not want to go to the clinic.  Misty liked getting her way and she was getting better and better at getting what she wanted.   We finally got there with your  assistance and "gentle persuasion" training methods.


I first learned about the clinic from an ad in the Trail Riders newsletter then visited your web site. The add for the clinic fit the description of the type of help I needed with my horse. I admit I was skeptical about getting the promised results from the beginning.  But I am writing to tell you that I did get results. I feel more confident that I now have the tools I need to help me move forward instead of going no where (literally) with my horse.  

Your ability to work with horses is amazing. But I find the honest way you deal with people to be just as impressive.


I appreciate your time and effort. The clinic turn out to be everything you said it would be. Thanks again."


Barbara Pierson


"Joe Mangravito sets his expectations for you (or for your horse) far higher than you would set yourself.... and he achieves them without fail.


He believes in you when you don't even believe in yourself, and his faith gives you faith in yourself.


His confidence in his students instills self-confidence in themselves.


He opens his life to his students through his instruction, and they grow from the experiences he has had and that he willingly and unselfishly shares with them.


He can see the potential in any person or any animal, and he draws it out of them.


He has a self-assured charisma that you cannot help but be drawn towards, but unlike many charismatic instructors Joe backs it up with extensive knowledge and detail.


He adapts to any teaching situation, no challenge is too great for him, and no student too difficult.


He leads through example and exemplifies greatness and excellence.


He settles for nothing short of self-discipline, personal growth, and the pursuit of perfection.


He knows how to break a dangerous spirit with courage, and when to nurture a broken spirit with gentleness, and he can do both with mastery.


He can draw the spirit of the lion out of a pussycat; equally, he draws the beauty of a butterfly out of a wild animal.


He teaches people and animals with artistry, not formulas.


There is no limit to his courage, and no limit to the growth of his students.


He exhibits the ferocity and determination of a NYC fireman battling a blaze, and the unspoken heroism of one who has risked his life to save strangers.


If I had another year to think and write, I would write a thousand more such lines, and maybe one would capture how I really feel."


Jarred Rosenthal
New York, NY


"Well what can I say JUST DO IT. [Horse Training Certification]


This is one of the best courses I've ever taken. I owe many thanks to John Lyons for being open and creative enough to come up with it and to Joe Mangravito for being what I consider one of the Top Instructors I ever would have dreamed of.


Joe's ability to read people and adjust himself quickly to each personality and situation is impressive to say the least. Joe clearly strives for excellence in all that he does. His level of commitment and communication is above reproach.


Joe's contribution to me and my ability to now communicate with horses has given me a skill that exceeds my expectation. Equally I have a clear sense of my own personal transformation that will enable me to interact in all areas of my life.


I will be forever grateful for this life transforming experience and recommend this to anyone looking for a change in their life. I will be proud of my certification as an instructor and trainer of the John Lyons Method. It was an honor and a privilege to be in the class with Joe as he is a true example of Excellence."


Barbie DeWitt
Southwest Ranches, FL


"I have been looking for this kind of training for over 2 years when I came across Joe's website. Living in Scotland does not give me the opportunity to attend one of Joe's certification classes but Joe took me on as a "special student" and trained me in Florida and Costa Rica.


Joe has the ability of never stopping to learn himself and unlike other trainers is not set in his way and does take on board other ideas of teaching and integrates it into his own training. This makes him very unique and I am privileged that he took out time for me especially to teach me. I am much more confident now and can apply his training methods to my horses.


The beauty of his method of training is that when you understand the concept of "conditional response" you are able to cope with any situation and are able to develop your own style of training. Training with Joe means that you have to think for yourself and you are not bound to him for years on end unlike other trainers who don't give you the confidence to go out and teach or train horses yourself as they are afraid this would take business away from them. This method is the best way for horses and that means that it is the best way for yourself.


I am very grateful for Joe and his never ending quest for knowledge which he teaches in a down to earth and easy to understand language (with a sense of humor which is important) and can therefore teach everybody from beginner to advance rider. Thank you Joe!




A Perfect Horse Ranch
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Trainer Certification Program, 2-Weeks

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Cost $1,500


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