Joe Mangravito

After retiring from the New York Fire Department in 1990, Joe Mangravito decided to turn a passion into a career. He took his years of experience on a Montana horse ranch, his studies of animal behavior, and his devotion to the methods of horse training developed by John Lyons, and dedicated all of his time to working with horses. He completed a three-month intense certification course with Steven and Linda Duchac,  (www.lynndfarms.com) the first husband and wife team to be certified by John Lyons, and subsequently spent two years in Costa Rica working with severely abused horses where he is referred to as El senor de los caballos (The man of the horses). Joe continues his work in Costa Rica while at home horses are sent to him at his ranch in Loxahatchee, Florida, from all over the country.


Joe's customers refer to him as "El Brujo" (The Witch), because of his almost supernatural ability to fix problems that horses have had for years. "Any horse with any problem can be worked with effectively in a gentle way," says Joe. "What I've learned in my experience is the concept of gentle persuasion, where the key is not to break the horse's spirit, but rather to become part of it. My goal in working with my clients is to take my ability to understand and communicate with the horses and show the owner how to do the same. Helping the owner and the horse to understand each other and to subsequently see the deepening of their relationship is my greatest joy." 

Joe holds numerous clinics throughout the year in the United States and Costa Rica for people who want to learn how to train horses. And has students throughout the world, including Costa Rica, Holland, Spain, Germany, and France. He is currently in the midst of writing a book and preparing an instructional video on training horses.


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Joe Mangravito Planning Another Training Clinic by Ellen Rosenberg
Town-Crier Online, 5/20/16

Joe Mangravito Uses a Light Touch on Horses and Zebras by Ellen Rosenberg
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Town-Crier Online 5/20/16

Joe Mangravito Planning Another Training Clinic

by Ellen Rosenberg


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